Journalists + GBV

The following is a list of visual media people so far whose work has covered the impact of conflict on women. The individual's website has been listed where possible to provide our readers with an idea of his/her work. (Listed alphabetically.)


Beate Arnestad, Norway
Journalist, covering the Tamil Tiger women soldiers.


Jonas Bendiksen, Norway
Magnum photojournalist, portraying the role of women in combat, impact of civil strife on women in Nepal and Kenya.


Marcus Bleasdale, Norway
Photojournalist, VII agency, coverage of GBV survivors in Congo. Created "Rape of a Nation"


James J. Braddock, USA
Author of book "The Soul Shattering" about women of Bosnia affected by mass sexual violence.


Patrick Brown/Robin Hammond, UK
Photojournalist,  Panos Pictures.


Guy Calaf, USA
Photojournalist. Eastern DRC – and gender based violence issues.


Janine Di Giovanni, France
Covering conflict zones, gendered issues of journalism
Abigail Disney, USA
Documentary film maker, "Pray The Devil Back to Hell"


Elisabeth Eide, Norway
Media expert Høyskolen I Oslo, covering conflict zones,

Vice President of Norwegian P.E.N.
Suheir Farraj, Palestine Coverage of Occupied West.Bank.


Ron Haviv, USA
Photographer for  VII agency. GBV survivors, East Africa.


Morten Hvaal, Norway
Coverage of global armed conflicts, including Bosnia and also The D.P.R.K.


Lisa Jackson,  USA
Journalist covering GBV in Congo


Simon Jennings, Rachel Irwin, Netherlands
International justice reporters, Institute for War and Peace Reporting.


James Nachtwey, USA
Founding member of VII


Gerd Inger Polden, Norway
Advisory/commentary role in NRK / AIWRT.


Inna Sangadzhiyeva, Norway
Photojournalist, "Behind Chechnya’s Missing Women"


Sigrun Slapgard, Norway 
Journalist covering conflict zones, board member of Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Jonathan Torgovnik, Israel Photojournalist
Coverage of Congo and other conflicts, produced "Intended Consequences" .

Ilse and Femke Van Velzen, Netherlands
Photojournalists, Behind The Weapon of War


Maria Fuglevaag Warsinski, Norway
Photojournalist,  women survivors /armed conflict issues of Srebrenica, adviser for Den Norske Helsingforskomité and member of Ytringsfrihetskommisjonen.















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