Human Rights Violations In Okinawa and Japan


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In Okinawa and Japan, ongoing Human Rights Violations have occurred since 1945 until present day. These crimes that have been committed by US military stationed in Okinawa and Japan for over more than seven decades have claimed or ruined the lives of many innocent citizens - of innocent men, women, children and babies. Catherine Jane Fisher is the Founder of Warriors Japan and I Am Jane. Ms. Fisher is the First Woman to Break The Silence in Japan in 2002 after she was raped by a US military serviceman stationed in Japan. Catherine Jane Fisher is an Award winning Human Rights Defender, Author and Artist. Ms. Fisher began her grassroots advocacy in the early 2000's at a time when rape was rarely spoken of in public and even the word was taboo in the media. As a Survivor of US Military Rape, Catherine Jane Fisher then went on to set a precedent when her winning Court Trial at the Tokyo District Court was then endorsed in the USA. It made news headlines when Ms. Fisher settled for one dollar in a Landmark Trial in the Milwaukee Courts. Justice to her was not about money and Ms. Fisher has always advocated for Change. In the 41st Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Catherine Jane Fisher gave her heartbreaking, spellbound Intervention. Ms. Fisher advocated for almost 20 years repeatedly calling for 24 hour Rape Crisis Centers that were non existent when she herself was raped. Furthermore that there is an urgent need to address these Injustices of Human Rights and deliver Justice to all the victims and their families. We the people, who are against all forms of Violence, as a collective voice, call upon the United Nations Human Rights Council to intervene at earliest opportunity to end the violence. We urge concerned International Community, Human Rights Watch and all citizens to join with us in beginning the Conversation so we can truly end this violence. Please understand that this documentary film is for Educational purposes with the intention to Eradicate Violence. US military servicemen who commit crimes are often sent back to the USA and it is highly possible that these criminals will rape and murder again. Returning these predators back to the USA essentially means that they will be a neighbor to someone and that neighbor could be anyone. Assistance must be made available for those who commit crimes as they could have been abused as children themselves and they do deserve help so we can Break The Cycle of this violence. It is vital to begin Educating as a Prevention. It is imperative to understand that it is not only women that are raped or abused. Boys and men are victims, too. We must end the notion that this is only about one gender. We must also assist the children and other members of family who are related to rape and murder victims. We must let their Healing begin. In the making of this film, Catherine Jane Fisher who has been diagnosed with PTSD after she was raped, read this data and broke down many times throughout this film. When Ms Fisher spoke at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva in with her Intervention speech, the audience after watching this documentary film will understand why she fights so hard and for almost two decades to end the violence. It also may be said that the lives of the families of Victims are also traumatized to see their loved ones suffering after Violent attacks to their mother or sister, or father or brother and so on. "We can not change the Darkness of the Past but we can Begin to Heal it and we can and must make Changes for a Brighter Future. Let us begin to end the violence." ~ Catherine Jane Fisher #BeginToEndTheViolence


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