Elisabeth Block - Elisabeth is a writer/editor who has contributed to various journals on renewal energy and is based in London. She is also contributor/adviser to Tipping Point Films in London that works to develop films based on humanitarian issues. Elisabeth also supported the work of various Kurdish underground film makers who wished to document the impact of war on ordinary civilians.


Dr. Peter Van Den Dungen - Director, International Museums for Peace, lecturer at University of Bradford, Department of Peace Studies, Bradford, UK.

Trine Eklund - a Norwegian peace-activist for 30 years and member of the board at the Norwegian Peace Council, an umbrella organisation for 22 NGOs. The NPC is a member of the  International Peace Bureau, Nobel Peace Laureate 1910. Trine previously served as the director for the Women's University Research Fund (now renamed Center for Equality in Hamar). She is an active member of “Grandmothers for Peace”, “Seniors for Palestine”, Norwegian Peace Association's Peace-tax and Peace-fond projects.  She was also a professional physiotherapist for 30 years. She has contributed to W4NV's early conceptual stages and toward net-working initiatives for those affected by SGBV (sexual gender based violence).


Paul Harraby - videographer and film director based in London, UK.  He uses his work to influence policy-makers and to promote debate around the world. His work on human rights issues in North Korea on 'Under a Different Sky' co-produced with Panos London has been shown at the International Forum on North Korea (co-arranged by theNational  Endowment for Democracy). Paul’s work also appears on Peacejam (peace-education program supported by 13 Nobel Peace laureates), International Network of Museums for Peace and Nobel Women’s Initiatives. He has been awarded best director for the short film 'Better Man' as judged by the Rainbow Collective and Jan Harlan.



Don Hinrichsen – Award winning writer and editor, based in London, UK. He was previously Senior Development Manager for Institute for War and Peace Reporting, London working on development and professional media/journalism training in conflict and unstable regions of the world.  He has worked as consultant for UNDP and authored numerous publications on climate change for the UN and academia.

Siobhan Hobbs - Lawyer, women’s rights and gender justice advocate. Siobhan has a long standing background working in post conflict countries and specialises addressing the rights of victims and survivors. She has been the gender advisor to two United Nations Commissions of Inquiry, notably the Commission of inquiry on human rights in the DPRK which uncovered new patterns of gender-based violence against women that had previously been undocumented.

Rohan Jayasekara - Journalist, writer. Founder of Vivarta and previously Deputy Head of Index for Censorship, London, which looks at censorship and Article 19 human rights issues of countries.

Elisabeth Ng Langdal - a human geographer currently working as executive director at Health and Human Rights Info (HHRI) in Oslo. She is also deputy board director for FIAN Norway (FoodFirst Information and Action Network), and is a member of the organizing committee for the annual Human Rights and Wrongs Documentary Film Festival held in Oslo. At HHRI, Elisabeth develops a resource data-base on the consequences of human rights violations on mental health, where gender based violence is a priority area. In addition, she is working on developing a training program together with a resource group of specialists in the field. This program focuses on mental health and early intervention in persons exposed to severe human rights violations, again with special attention on sexual violence against women and children.

Jae Lee - Translator/interpreter for North Korean refugees.  Currently working in management facility for Samsung UK, Jae previously worked on refugee/immigration processes for North Koreans seeking asylum in the UK.  He has done interpretation/translation for noted North Korean refugees who later testified for the UN Commission of Inquiry such as Mrs. JiHyun Park and Mr. Shin Don Hyuk.

Susan McClelland - Award winning freelance writer, based in Toronto, Canada. Publications include Times (London), Glamour, Marie Claire, MS, The Guardian, Elle, The Walrus, Daily Beast and Reader’s Digest. Her books have been published in more than 35 countries. And she is also involved in documentary filmmaking. Susan is currently working on a young adult non fiction memoir for Abrams Books in New York City. The memoir tells the story of North Korean street boy, Sungju Lee. In the fall of 2015, Norton Publishing will release an adult memoir written by Susan, of Lucia Jang, a trafficked North Korean woman.


Marcus Noland -  Executive vice president and director of studies for Peterson Institute for International Economics based in Washington D.C., and a Senior Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Dr. Noland is one of the few U.S. economists to devote considerable effort to analyzing the DPRK's economic system. Noland is the author of Korea after Kim Jong-il  (2004), and Avoiding the Apocalypse: The Future of the Two Koreas (2000), for which he won the prestigious 2000-01 Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Award, given annually to the book that best promotes cooperation within the Pacific Rim. Famine in North Korea: Markets, Aid, and Reform (2007) written with Dr.  Stephan Haggard with a foreword by Nobel laureate Amartya Sen was published by the Columbia University Press.  Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea, also written with Stephan Haggard, was published in 2011.  He was previously a senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers in the Executive Office of the President of the United States, 1993-94, and has held research or teaching positions at the Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, the University of South California, Tokyo University, Japan’s Graduate Institute for Policy Sciences (GRIPS), and the Korea Development Institute.


Ji Hyun Park is a North Korean Outreach and Project Officer for European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea ( London, England.  JiHyun, now living in England first escaped North Korea with her brother in 1998.  They travelled into China where they were preyed on by human traffickers that separated them. JiHyun was sold into forced marriage to a Chinese farmer, and bore a child who was deemed stateless then by the Chinese government. In 2004 local villagers reported her to the authorities and was repatriated to North Korea to endure horrific conditions in a labour camp.  She has lived in the United Kingdom since about 2008, and lectures on North Korea and human rights issues. Jihyun was featured in a short documentary by Amnesty UK (2015) on her experiences.
Relevant links – documentary “Under a Different Sky” by Panos London, 2012 (In middle of page).  note: on this documentary JiHyun took the pseudonym of YeonMi fictitious name when she was not yet public with her identity. Further details here.

Greg Scarlatiou -  Executive Director, Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Washington D.C..
HRNK is the leading U.S.-based bipartisan, non-governmental organization in the field of North Korean human rights research and advocacy, tasked to focus international attention on human rights abuses in that country. It is HRNK’s mission to persistently remind policy makers, opinion leaders, and the general public in the free world and beyond that more than 20 million North Koreans need our attention. Since its establishment in 2001, HRNK has played an important intellectual leadership role on North Korean human rights issues by publishing twenty-five  major reports (available at HRNK became the first organization to propose that the human rights situation in North Korea be addressed by the UN Security Council. HRNK was directly, actively and effectively involved in all stages of the process supporting the work of the UN Commission of Inquiry. In the past five years, HRNK has been invited numerous times to provide expert testimony before the U.S. Congress

Jan van Setten - Dutch national, living in The Netherlands. He holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from the School of Management at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. After a career spanning one decade in the field of marketing and communication, he embarked as an independent business-owner in the printing & graphic design industry until 2010. Current activities include being an advisor/facilitator for small business-owners and social-cultural projects. He contributes as web-master and special program coordinator for W4NV.

Henry Song - Consultant and liaison forNorth Korean refugee and geopolitical issues.  He has worked with Suzanne Scholte, director of the North Korea Freedom Coalition, and with various North Korean refugees including Mr.Shin Don Hyuk.  Henry is based in Virginia, USA.

Rob York - Chief Editor for News & Features at NK News. He previously spent four years editing and reporting at The Korea Herald in Seoul, and is currently a doctoral student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Rob authored an article on Betsy Kawamura's work with North Korean refugees, and continues to alert the organization on events and media articles affecting W4NV's activities.