W4NV Organisation

Our Mission

Our main vision is to create a survivors’ network and working committees aided by communication platform to bridge Northern and Southern region survivors of SGBV  in UNSCR 1325 implementation, synchronized with initiatives for justice at international legal bodies including those at The Hague.


Click here to view our presentation 'Survivors of Gender Based Violence as Global Catalysts for UNSCR 1325 Implementation'.


Our networking and working groups will aim to:

- Create working committees and networking groups between the North and Southern   regions to allow voices of GBV survivors to reach The Hague more effectively.

- Teach GBV survivor groups on UNSCR 1325, Hague initiatives and why they are important to their life quality.  

- Facilitate sections on UNSC's Women, Peace and Security resolutions that focus on accountibility for perpetrators of GBV. 

- Synergize and coordinate global National Action Plans on UNSCR 1325+ policies to assist ICC and ICTY‘s processes of justice. Encourage 'bottom up' approach to launching future Resolutions.

- Focus on prevention of armed conflict as part of the 'spirit' of the Resolutions, using the power of media.

- Profile survivors via their stories and global endeavours.


We endeavour to establish working committees formed and steered predominantly by politically engaged survivors and diaspora to create a positive 'paradigm shift' in how UNSCR 1325 and allied resolutions are implemented, and aim to have our voices integrated in National Action Plans globally!


In the submenu 'projects and concepts' to the left of this page, you will find some concept-pieces of (PDF files) on working committees and networks consisting of survivors' voices and UNSCR 1325 issues.


Major Issues

We hope to provide our users with a clear picture of synergies amongst general initiatives at The Hague such as the International Criminal Court, The International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, and the Rome Statute on Women, Peace and Security agenda. We aim to understand better the intricate connection between the Security Council resolutions and how lawyers at The Hague and globally can help implement them. Please click here to  read more of our plans!



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