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This page was intended to provide a quick glimpse of gender-based violence GBV occuring in Far East Asia, especially those perpetrated by military forces.  Civilian women of Far East Asia such as Okinawa, Japan, North/South Korea and the Philipines have suffered under lack of justice or access to proper jurisprudence, exacerbated at times by SOFA or Status of Force Agreements between the US military and host countries. Further information on individual cases can be found on the excellent website of US Military Violence Against Women

Here below are important events/resources regarding sexual gender based violence and political relations between USA and Japan which are of historical significance. On the left hand side of this page under 'Post-WWII Japan', you can read about the little-known facts of Japanese 'Pan-Pan' women prostituted by the US military's occupying forces post WW-II. The photographs taken by John Bennet on the left-hand column 'Foto Galleries' depict the situation caused by destitution. We are also now covering North Korea and women diaspora under 'Voice of Free North Korea' and 'Eyes of Free North Korea'. In the future we wish to present gender challenges of China. 




Conversation between Henrik Syse Phd (PRIO) and Betsy Kawamura (W4NV) on Women, Peace and Security in North East Asia- April 2022


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Conversation between Henrik Syse Phd (PRIO) and Betsy Kawamura (W4NV) on Women, Peace and Security in North East Asia- nov. 2021


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Interview with Betsy Kawamura by Gakushi Fujiwara about her childhood experience with sexual abuse by an American military man


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Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence - August 20, 2012
 The attached PDF is for an international campaign to create awareness of long-standing US military sexual violence carried out against civilian Far East Asian women, often with very little recourse to justice. This particular case is being supported by  Ms. Suzuyo Takazato and Ms. Keiko Itokazu, Co-Chairs Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence (OWAAMV), who can be reached at:  3-29-41-402, Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa Prefecture, JAPAN 900-0015. Phone & Fax: (+81) 098-864-153


Sexual crimes against minor girls by US military based in South Korea - October 17, 2011

A Statement from the Women Making Peace (WMP) and the Korean Women’s Association United forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission:  A teenage girl was allegedly raped by a US soldier in Seoul on September 17th, 2011. Another teenage girl was raped for four hours by another U.S. soldier in Dongducheon, Gyunggi Province on September 24. Read more here.


South Korea civil society comment on UNSCR 1325  -  June 24, 2011

The  South Korean National Assembly adopted a resolution calling for the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution National Action Plan on February 27, 2012.
Please read the South Korean CEDAW shadow report and a final version of the comment  of Women Making Peace & The Korean Women's Association United on UNSCR 1325.

Source:  Ms. Gyunglan Jung,  Women Making Peace

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