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This web page featuring academic papers on Asia Pacific was added to contribute to the discourse on the region's geo-politics.  The territorial disputes in Far East Asia, as well as the more aggressive provocations from North Korea have led to various academics and think-tanks to discuss regional peace and stability.  We hope that our readers will enjoy the admirable works of our contributors.  Our first contributor is Markus Bell,  Phd. candidate at The Australian National University, who writes about the nature of human trafficking in Northeast Asia.   Welcome!  


Article by Asle Toje, En sexselger dør (2018)

published by Erlik Oslo, To read the article, click here.


Article by Dr. Alastair A. McLauchlan, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity on Okinawa: Guilt on both sides, published by Journal of Military Ethics 2014  To read the article, click here

Empire, Capitalism and Human Trafficking in Northeast Asia

by Markus Bell, PhD candidate, The Australian National University, Anthropology Dept.

Please read here  

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