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This section of 'Voice of Free North Korea' was created to provide better understanding of the plight of diaspora who have managed to escape the DPRK, and to create light on major challenges toward potential North/South Korea reconciliation.  There have been various assessments on internal human rights violations within the closed regime, now under the control of Kim Jong Un.  More recently the intenational community has begun to hear about defectors' stories, such as those of Mr. Shin Don Hyuk who escaped from the notorious Camp 14, and of Mrs. Park who found freedom from human trafficking in the video below.  Questions in the future arise as to what challenges reconciliation/harmonization between North and South Korea will present to the international community, which will surely require innovative social, economical, political and security assistance. The UN Commission of Inquiry launched in March 2013 will surely investigate charges against the DPRK augmented by diaspora voices. We hope that our section on 'Voice of Free North Korea' can present our contributors' views on these very important and challenging topics, and we certainly welcome our readers/viewers input! In the future we plan to present still photographers' and photo-jounalists' expressions and experiences of documenting the DPRK and the diaspora under 'Eyes of Free North Korea'. Please stay tuned!



Video:  "Under a Different Sky"    


Yongmi Park grew up in North Korea, but now lives in the north of England with her family. "Under a Different Sky" is a nine minute film, produced by Panos London and made in collaboration with Mrs. Park. She describes the circumstances leading up to her forced marriage in China, and how on escape, she was sentenced to hard labour in North Korea. This video is her story of survival; and here is the blog with contributions from Mrs. Park, Paul Harraby (director), Betsy Kawamura (project initiator)  and Siobhan Warrington of Panos London.



Under a Different Sky from Paul Harraby on Vimeo


This pdf below describes the general background history of Mrs. Park, from her family situation in the DPRK, turbulent life of exile in China, human trafficking, and hardships  of surviving both Chinese and North Korean prisons. Intro pdf in korean.


Wednesday 18th June 2014, Lord Alton of Liverpool spoke on “Prospects for Change in North Korea”   Please read here


Published in May, 2013, article on Betsy Kawamura, "HERO AWARD"

Capital Finance International, published out of London (CFI.co) has selected ten individuals who help shape a better world.  This is not a ranking but rather a mixed group of people who are outstanding in their own special ways." Please read here about the award and Betsy's engagement on North Korea diaspora issues. 


Published in April 24, 2013, article on W4NV's efforts to initiate a media platform for the North Korean exile community, and calling for Norwegian journalists' contributions who have experience and interest in the regime. Please read here


December 13, 2012, article about North Korean diaspora women and UN Security Council 1325 issues on Capital  Financial International,

Article:  "A Future for Diaspora Women of North Korea? Can UN Security Council resolutions help?"   By Betsy A. Kawamura Founder, Women4NonViolence in Peace and Conflict Zones.  For the last ten years, I have been studying the plight of refugees from the Democratic Republic of North Korea and have been very concerned about the seemingly high rate of sex-trafficking occurring amongst the women [...]



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