Eyes of Free North Korea

Below are some presentations and links to still photographers and photojournalists' works covering the DPRK and plight of the refugee community.

In the future we plan to present in 'virtual gallery style' and in actual exhibition spaces, the expressions and experiences of North Korean refugees and diaspora under our 'Eyes of Free North Korea' title.  Our 'Voice of Free North Korea' media and journalism training program

for refugees is being updated! Please stay tuned!


Here is a description of Katharine Hesse, featured on Open Society Foundation's April, 2013 'Moving Walls Exhibition' in New York. And here is more of her moving photography on North Korean refugees hiding in China. 


Credit: Katharine Hesse  http://www.katharinahesse.com



Credit: Katharine Hesse  http://www.katharinahesse.com

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